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Hold Fast – Fred Michael Beam

accomplished artist to t-shirt business

Black woman with dreads wearing black t-shirt. T shirt features a man with his fist upraised. Words "Hold Fast to Dreams' up the side, artist name Fred Michael Beam


We’ve watched Fred Michael Beam strut his stuff magnificently on stage over the years as an accomplished dancer, and actor.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that he was also an amazing artist.

Fred wanted his art to be shared – and the best way to do that was to put it on t-shirts, so people could spread his message of positivity and power. We built him an Etsy store, here:

  • Print Design Services

  • Content Marketing

  • Etsy Store Build


By using a back-end print-on-demand supplier, Fred does not need to keep inventory. He just publicizes his store, people shop, and his merch is made-to-order and shipped direct to the customer.

This allows him to devote his time to dancing, acting, and making more art.

  • Print Design Services

  • Content Marketing

  • Etsy Store Build

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Print Materials


Fred’s pretty happy with his store, and so are we.

We hope more people will “be like Fred” – and share their important messages with the world through artistic t-shirts and other merchandise.

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