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Do you have an idea? Do you have a craft, hobby, or art work that could be made into a business?

Our Business Development Team can sit with you, and explore a variety of options that can help you establish an income, or increase income from your current business. As an example, many artists under-market and undervalue their work. Small businesses benefit from networking with others. We can help you build.

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Deaf Main Street, Inc. seeks to build economic relationships that benefit the Deaf Ecosystem.

By plugging into a community of growth and working with other like-minded entrepreneurs, all will benefit. A rising economic tide will raise all businesses – and ultimately benefit the Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and DeafBlind communities.

Our initial goal is to assist 1,000 Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and DeafBlind families with earning an extra $1,000 per month. This will bring 12 million new dollars into the Deaf Ecosystem per year.


Ability proceeds from a fusion of skills, knowledge, understanding and imagination, consolidated by experience.

Luis Desalvo, CREO TECH

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.

Shelia McCourtney, ARCHITECT

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