Project Description

The Discovery Box: Deaf Women Edition

Boosting deaf women-owned businesses

Discovery Box Deaf Women Edition logo - Black letters on purple field with flowers in the corners.


We wanted to do something special for Mother’s Day, and we wanted to focus on Deaf women-owned businesses. So, we contacted a number of Deaf women who had businesses that made products for women – and asked if they wanted to participate.

The response was delightful.

While we can’t show you what’s in the box (because that would ruin the surprise for Mother’s Day recipients) – look below to see which vendors participated.


The project is well underway, and the different vendors are busy building, making, and fixing.

The vendors who are participating are:

We’re excited to see how it all comes together.

  • Collaborate with Deaf women-owned businesses

  • Design the Discovery Box

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Build Shopify store

Collection of icons for Discovery Box - Naimaeyes, jack and bec, hotsy totsy haus, handmade with ASL, wellness, Kova Kandle, Eaffers and Max, and Deafroot.

We are grateful to Sorenson for their
generous financial support of this project.

Order for yourself!

If you’d like to order one of these Discovery Boxes for someone – either a mother, a grandmother, or someone else – please click the button below to go to the storefront! The boxes are $99/each, and are chock-full of wonderful products from a wide variety of Deaf women-owned businesses.

Go to the Store!

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