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Introducing Our Participating Vendors
In the
2022 Discovery Box: Deaf Women’s Edition

Blue Circle with the name of the shop in the middle in curlicue font: Eaffers and Max

Eaffers & Max

Product in the box: Rows of LOVE in ASL Coffee Mug
Originated in Long Island, New York

Marginalized identities: Queer, Woman, Chicana

Find Eaffers and Max at:

Fun Fact about Eaffers and Max: “My business is named after my son and my dog”
Describe women in 1-2 words: Phenomenal

Green rectangle with the words: deafroot, deaf eye, deaf heart, deaf culture in white


Product in the box: Still Worthy Stand
Originated in Silver Spring, Maryland

Marginalized identities: Woman

Find Deafroot at:

Fun Fact about Deafroot: “I was raised by a single father along with 3 brothers”
Describe women in 1-2 words: Incredibly amazing

"Hotsy Totsy Haus" in gold with a gold seashell underneath


Product in the box: Roses for Mother Bath Bomb
Originated in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Marginalized identities: None shared


Fun Fact about HOTSY TOTSY HAUS: “Hotsy Totsy Haus is a Deaf-owned, woman-owned luxury bath and body brand. We specialize in handmade, small batch, luxurious bath bombs, scrubs, body butters, and handcrafted soaps. Our products are made with only the finest ingredients.”
Describe women in 1-2 words: Strong

Photo of 8 candles arranged in a circle, label side up with flowers and other fruits in the middle of the circle.

Kova Kandles

Product in the box: Kova Kandles
Originated in Indiana

Marginalized identities: Slovak, Native American

Find Kova Kandles at:
Etsy: kovakandles
Facebook: Kova Kandles

Fun Fact about Kova Kandles: None shared.
Describe women in 1-2 words: Wonderful

The words "Jack and Bec" in groovy 70's font colored in orange

Jack and Bec

Product in the box: Deafies Tote
Originated in San Antonio, Texas

Marginalized identities: Queer, Latina

Find Jack and Bec at:
Etsy: JackandBec
TikTok: @jackandbec

Fun Fact about Jack and Bec: “Jack and Bec is family owned and operated!”
Describe women in 1-2 words: Women are inspiring; also just ✨Women✨

A purple rose that grows out of the word "wellness", also in purple.

Purple Rose Wellness, LLC

Product in the box: Herbal Bath Soak
Originated in Mount Rainier, Maryland

Marginalized identities: None shared

Find Purple Rose Wellness, LLC at:
Facebook: @purplerosewellness

Fun Fact about Purple Rose Wellness: “We are family-owned and operated!”
Describe women in 1-2 words: Absolutely phenomenal!

An outline of a hand saying "I love you" next to the words: "Handmade with ASL" in black

Handmade with ASL

Products in the box: Knotted Headbands and Scrunchies
Originated in Tucson, Arizona

Marginalized identities: 4 Deaf ladies, 3 are Latina and 1 is Caucasian. All of the owners identify as Deaf women.

Find Handmade with ASL at:
Etsy: HandmadewithASL
Facebook: @handmadewithasl

Fun Fact about Handmade with ASL: “The four of us have been friends for more than 20 years! We started this business together at the beginning of the pandemic.”
Describe women in 1-2 words: Fierce and Empowering

Brown square with an artistically rendered eye, and a crescent shape that curves around the bottom edge of the eye. There are leaves/vines on the crescent, and below the crescent is "Naimaeyez" in black.


Products in the box: Self Love Mirror, “You’ll grow beautifully in your own way” Keychain
Originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Marginalized identities: Biracial/Black, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, CisWoman, Mental Health Advocate

Find Naimaeyez at:
Etsy: Naimaeyez
TikTok: @_naimaeyez
Facebook: Naimaeyez

Fun Fact about Naimaeyez: “It was orginally set during Covid especially during the Black Lives Matter movement. The orginal platform was to have freestyle art with BIPOC representations and now the platform is mental health, healing art and be able to share my journey as a grad student pursuing my Masters in Mental Health Counseling.”
Describe women in 1-2 words: Powerful and Beautiful