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April 2, 2022 has a bunch of different things to offer a budding entrepreneur.

First, they have an amazing YouTube channel. This channel consists of interviews and spotlights on various businesses. The interviewer, Paul Bulanov, asks all the questions you really would ask if you were sitting down with the business owner – what’s their challenges, their revenue, their expenses, what does it take to get started, etc.

Plus the Website

After you see the YouTube channel, make sure you check out their website at They have sections on discovering new businesses, how to sell your business, and success stories.

We love their Blog

Most of the “meat” for new entrepreneurs is in the blog: In the blog, there are a LOT of articles. Some of the articles accompany the YouTube videos, and provide in-depth information, downloads, cheat sheets, etc.

Some of the articles include:

  • How to Get your Product in Stores (in 5 Easy Steps)
  • How to Get Business Insurance in 3 Easy Steps
  • How to Write a Business Plan (Plus Examples and Templates)
  • The 30 Best Businesses to Start with $10K (or Less)

This is an amazing resource for the prospective business owner.