Every year, those who wish to support the Deaf Ecosystem seem to struggle to find Deaf/deaf, hard-of-hearing, and DeafBlind-owned (DHHDB) businesses. They are scattered across the internet and there has been no central catalog.

Until now.

This is our attempt to provide one-stop shopping for the holidays.

Below are a list of Deaf/deaf, hard-of-hearing, and DeafBlind businesses that would appreciate your business over the holidays. When you buy from these individuals, you are putting food on their table. You are helping them be able to afford sports equipment for their children. You are funding their mortgages. You are helping with a car payment. Your purchase has a direct impact on the lives of Deaf/deaf, hard-of-hearing, and DeafBlind people.

Thank you for your support of the Deaf Ecosystem this year.

Don’t overlook the social buttons underneath each listing – contact the shop owners directly by email, look at their Facebook and Instagram pages!

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MiladyCreates Inc.

Milady Simpson

We are promoting ASL patches, Quilts, Framed ASL and English phrases, individual ASL alphabets (you can order letters for your name only if you want that), and more.

Shopping site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/miladycreates

– Woman-owned

– Black-owned

  • Picture of Andre Pellerin holding green and tan ceramic coasters
  • picture of Andre Pellerin's booth with various ceramic and art projects
  • composite picture of ceramic projects - upper right is coasters, lower right is a vase

Andre Pellerin

I am a DeafBlind artist working with ceramics and mixed media art. I have a booth at Red Dirt Studio in Mt. Rainier, MD. This year, I’ve made larger wall art pieces mostly made with ceramics, some with mixed media, and a bunch of grouted tile coasters and trays. I am also selling ceramic vases I built, glazed and fired in a gas kiln before I retired from Gallaudet. Last year and at the beginning of this year, I have made hanging macrame tables. Some are wood and some have ceramic table tops.

Please DM me on Instagram or Facebook if you’re interested in buying a holiday gift for your dear friend or a loved one! Shipping is an additional cost and will need to be boxed, weighed and measured before full payment.

Shopping site: https://pellerinart.com/

– LGBTQIA*-owned

  • picture of wooden coasters, with mountain views - blue sky, snow covered mountains
  • Picture of cutting board, with "family" in fingerspelled characters, then "fam" and "ILY" fingerspelled, then "family" in line art sign
  • wooden coasters with line art ASL - one has "chocolate" , the other has "tea"
Woodstove Studios

Rebecca Hull

Woodstove Studios sells sign language & nature inspired wood goods including: ornaments, coasters, spoon sets, charcuterie and cutting boards. Items are laser engraved, wood burned, and hand painted with personalized options available.

Shopping site: https://www.woodstove-studios.com/

– Woman-owned

  • Picture of perfume container, "Empress"
  • Picture of black candle on black reflective surface. Label: "Chaos Candle Company Eros"
  • Picture of candle in a black jar. Label says "Chaos Candle Renaissance"
Chaos Candle Company

SE Carter

We sell scented candles, perfume oils, body oils, soap and incense.

Shopping site: https://www.chaoscandlecompany.com

– Woman-owned

– Black-owned

  • Necklace - black cord. Small heart beads are on the ends. The pendant is a clear cover over a butterfly wing.
  • Jeweled butterfly necklace made out of a crystal, on a cut off cross section of a tree, with the words "Moon Dang" printed on the tree.
  • Picture of assortment of wrapping paper, various colors and patterns. Rainbow, sunflowers, other flowers.
Moon Dang Shop

Lisa Bromley

My shop is filled with oddities, including crystals and jewelry. I also sell beeswax wraps, totebags, zipper bags and plant decor rods.

I post items that are for sale on my Facebook Page, and I also accept custom orders to create special things for customers.

Shopping site: https://www.facebook.com/groups/moondangshop/

– Woman-owned

– Black-owned

– Asian-owned

– LGBTQIA*-owned

  • Collection of foundation containers in various shades.
  • Copper colored eyelash curler, tweezers, and small scissors
  • picture of foundation makeup, two shades.

Emisha Sill

Please check out our holiday selection of make up.

Shopping site: https://emisha.seintofficial.com/en/shop/party-253866/new-releases

– Woman-owned

– Latino/Latina-owned

– LGBTQIA*-owned

  • Wine glass carrier - multi colored wooden board with hole, holding a crystal wine glass
  • Teardrop shaped charcuterie board, with engraving.
  • Multi-colored grained wooden cutting board. Ash, walnut, paduak.
Cloves Woodworking

Carl Seabaugh

Cutting boards, charcuterie boards, and wine trays

Cloves’ Studio creates every product with high quality wood, mixing domestic hardwoods and exotic colors, crafted to our customers’ preference. Customized items are available on request.

Shopping site: http://www.clovesstudio.com

  • Black t-shirt, white text. "Deaf Bing"
  • Black t-shirt, white text. "Finish... finish. finish!!!"
  • Black t-shirt, white text. "Funny zero"
  • Black woman's t-shirt, white text. "Hotdog dry"
  • Black women's t-shirt, white text. "kissfist"
  • Black t-shirt, white text. "Train Gone Sorry"
  • Black woman's t-shirt, white text. "258"
Deaf Bing Tees

Deaf Main Street, Inc.

These “things ASL-users say” tees are sure to provoke conversation and interest in ASL!  Available in mens & women’s sizes, in a variety of colors.

Shopping site: https://deafmainstreet.shop/collections/deaf-bing-tees

  • Book cover "American Sign Language at home: a family curriculum" by Razi M. Zarcy and Leah C Greer. Picture of small dark-skinned child on the cover signing "Mama"
  • Picture from a book - "Ch 1 Vocabulary Sheet: Meal Time" with various signs "Eat" "help-me" "hungry". "drink" "thirsty, "want" "not -want", "more" "all-done"
  • Slide "Welcome to ASL at Home" "Curriculum training for YOUR organization"
ASL at Home

Leah Geer & Razi Zarchy

“American Sign Language at Home: A Family Curriculum” (ASL at Home) is an innovative, family-centered ASL curriculum designed for families with young deaf children and the professionals who support them.

Each chapter of ASL at Home builds on current early intervention research and centers around a daily routine common to young children’s lives.

In our webstore, you’ll find:
*curriculum books in English and Spanish, e-book and paperback
*vocabulary sheets
*flash cards
*class kit (teach your own class!)
*classes for families

Shopping site: https://aslathome.org

– Woman-owned

– Latino/Latina-owned

– LGBTQIA*-owned

  • Six packages of dog food - white bags with "4 Legz" label.
  • Book and iPad - both showing cover of "For the Love of Dogs, a Deaf Woman's Journey", by Cynthia Murray and Karen Putz. Yellow book cover with three dogs.
  • Brown dog kibble.
4Legz All Natural Dog Treats

Cynthia Murray

Pets deserve to be rewarded with high-end and healthy treats. We have spent years perfecting a menu of cookies that pets love and that are safe for them to eat.

Check out the 6-pack variety of treats for your dogs taste buds.

Shopping site: https://4legz.com

– Woman-owned

  • Picture of a young blonde woman holding a phone, in a leather case. The phone is displaying a shopping site.
  • Picture of smiling young brunette woman, standing in front of brown cinderblock wall. She is wearing a brown and white speckled top and blue jeans.
  • Picture of young white-presenting woman standing in front of a brown cinderblock wall, wearing a brown wide-brimmed hat, a brown and white speckled v-neck top, and blue jeans. She is smiling and holding the brim of the hat.
Sisters in Style Boutique

Nikki Reineck

We are selling a variety of fashion clothes, accessories, and jewelry. We are also carrying products from a number of deaf makers. We have a large number of things that would be appropriate as gifts.

Shopping site: https://www.shopsistersinstyle.com

– Woman-owned

  • Navy blue t-shirt, white lettering. "CODA" in large font with fingerspelled letters inside the English letters.
  • Gray child's onesie, white lettering. "CODA" in large font with fingerspelled letters inside the English letters.
  • Navy blue t-shirt, white lettering. "KODA" in large font with fingerspelled letters inside the English letters.
  • White child's onesie, black lettering. "KODA" in large font with fingerspelled letters inside the English letters.
Codas and Kodas

Deaf Main Street, Inc.

Calling all Codas and Kodas! T-shirts, infant onesies, and hoodies available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Shopping site: https://deafmainstreet.shop/collections/codas-and-kodas

  • David Call linocut art "Coffee" being signed over a mug with "ASL" fingerspelled on the mug - white mug with black handle.
  • David Call mug with linocut "Tea" and a tea cup design.
  • David Call linocut art mug, black handle, "Chocolate" hands, with mug below, "ASL" fingerspelled on the mug.
  • Shot of David Call's linocut work in progress; picture shows "Tea" and "coffee" linocut and print
David Call Art

David Call

David Call is a Deaf artist residing in Livermore, California. He typically does large linocut prints, and is now branching out into providing other mediums to show his artwork. His art typically includes themes from Deafness and American Sign Language. See his Instagram for examples of his linocut prints. Contact him directly to purchase prints.

These mugs feature his artwork in “Coffee”, “Tea”, and “Chocolate”.

Shopping site: https://deafmainstreet.shop/collections/david-call-art

  • Black t-shirt. Fingerspelled "ASL" and English letters "TERP" on front in multiple colors.
  • Two small cute gnomes sitting on a shelf. They are holding coffee mugs. Only their nose and beard is visible, no face.
  • ILY hanging laser-cut wooden ornaments.
The Draw and Leopard Boutique LLC

Loree Drawbaugh

Our store stocks custom t-shirts, family matched sets of t-shirts, wood signs with ASL/English messaging, and more.

Shopping site: https://www.thedrawandleopardshop.com


  • Front and back of a coin. Front shows "Deaf Santa Claus", with moose face, the antlers are "ILY" handshapes. The back of the coin shows a picture of Santa, signing "ILY"
  • picture shows green gift wrap and scissors. the pattern on the gift wrap is of tan and brown moose faces. the moose antlers are "ILY" hand shapes.
  • black t-shirt with brown moose head. the mooses antlers are ILY hand shapes.
North Pole Shop

Kari Graves

Show everyone how much love you have for the Holiday Season with ILY Reindeer shirts, coins, and gift wrap paper! The reindeer’s antlers have a special message: ILY hands!

Shopping site: https://deafsantaclaus.com/shop/

– Woman-owned

  • Cactus in a brown pot, with ruler in background - cactus is approximately 17 inches tall.
  • Large leafed plant in a silver pot, ruler in background, plant is approximately 10 inches tall.
  • Green plant in dark green plastic pot. Ruler in background. Plant is approximately 8 inches tall.
The Silent Seed

Jude Haverington

Our shop is a tropical plant business called The Silent Seed. The plant house is stuffed with approximately 40,000 unique and unusual plants with a wide range in prices. There is literally something for everybody here.

The shop is open by appointment, and is in Newburyport, Massachusetts: We ship nationwide, and we deliver. We also do special orders.

The Silent Seed is all green, and 100% chemical free. Everything is grown only with light, water, and love. We grow almost all the plants myself and do most of our own propagating.

We would be happy to answer any questions via email or VP!

Shopping site: https://thesilentseed.com

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  • Kelly Simpson doing an oil paint of a small dog. The background on the picture is purple, the dog is in pencil and has not been colored in.
  • Two donkey heads. They are brown with whitish noses. They appear to be almost laughing.
  • A portion of a portrait of a longhorn cattle. The cattle is brown, with very long horns that extend out the sides of the picture. The actual print includes the entire horns.
  • A small black and white chickadee sitting on a female finger.
  • Kelly Simpson portrait of a chesnut colored horse, grazing.
  • Kelly Simpson portrait of a beautiful white horse, grazing.
Kelly Simpson – artist

Kelly Simpson

Kelly Simpson is a Deaf artist residing in Frederick, MD. She specializes in pet portraiture painting on commission. She strives to capture the unique personalities and expressions of her subjects. Contact her directly via email ( klsimpson7@gmail.com ) for a commission – this would be an awesome gift!

She also has a number of prints and blank cards for sale, which make wonderful gifts.

Shopping site: https://deafmainstreet.shop/collections/kelly-simpson-artist

– Woman-owned

  • Collection of ASL Babies Board books "Playtime", "What color", "First signs", "Let's eat", "Outside", and "Get dressed"
  • Picture of Americna Sign Language Handshape Game Cards - Benjamin J Bahan and Frank Allen Paul. Red box with white field. "Fun for signers of all ages" in the corner.
  • Front cover of book by Paddy Ladd, "The Unrecognized Curriculum", Seeing through new eyes, Deaf Culture and Deaf Pedagogies. Picture of two woman and a small boy on front. Boy is holding a sign that says "Big step for the Deafkind", one woman is holding a yellow balloon.

Tina Jo Breindel

DawnSignPress creates, develops, and publishes quality American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture-related videos and books. Dedicated to the principle that Deaf people are the natural experts regarding their language and culture, DawnSignPress wholeheartedly supports the efforts of Deaf people to document ASL, Deaf culture, history, heritage, and literature.

A recent release book by Deaf activist and author, Paddy Ladd!
“Seeing Through New Eyes: Deaf Culture and Deaf Pedagogies – The Unrecognized Curriculum”

ASL Handshape Game Cards transform the process of learning sign language into playful activities during holidays!

ASL Babies is a series of 6 board books with signs for common words with a toddler.

Once Upon a Sign children ASL stories (videos).

Shopping site: https://www.dawnsign.com/

  • Print of "dia de los muertos" - Day of the Dead - women's face, with orange mum flower "crown" and monarch butterflies
  • purple "I love you" pin, approximately 1 inch in height, with a tiny red heart
  • Hanging multicolored ornaments
Viva Jess

Jessica Arevalo

We make and sell custom:

  • Pins
  • Prints
  • Ornaments
  • Shirt
  • Totebags
  • Stickers

Shopping site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/vivajess/

– Woman-owned

– Latino/Latina-owned

  • Black t-shirt. The words "Hold Fast to Dreams" run up the side of the picture, and the artist name is in the corner: Fred Michael Beam
  • Black t-shirt, artwork is a black man with a goatee, signing ILY. The words "Deaf Hip Hop Love" run up the side, and the artist's name is in the corner: Fred Michael Beam
  • Black man with a beard wearing a black t-shirt. On the t-shirt we see a picture of a man standing with his fist upraised. The words "Hold Fast to Dreams" run up the side of the picture, and the artist name is in the corner: Fred Michael Beam
  • Young black woman with dreads, wearing a t-shirt. The t-shirt artwork is a black man with a goatee, signing ILY. The words "Deaf Hip Hop Love" run up the side, and the artist's name is in the corner: Fred Michael Beam
Fred Beam – Artist

Fred Beam

Fred Beam is a Black Deaf Artist, residing in Rochester, New York. He is internationally known for his theater and dancing, and has also won multiple awards for his artwork.

Shopping sites:

– Black-owned

  • Wall hanging, holds a glass tube with a silver screw on top. Background of hanging shows hands signing "Grow"
  • Collection of multicolored laser cut ornaments. Dragonfly ornament with "I am always with you" "We are always with you" "Merry christmas with our love" "The Santa Meter" (shows arrow pointing to Nice, not Naughty).
  • Picture of heart in a black wooden frame. Heart is multi-layered, and appears to have light shining through. A mandala design is in the background of the heart, with two hands signing "Love" in the front.
Dreaming Dragon’s Corner

Christina Ackerman

We have laser crafts of plant propagations, bamboo utensils, jewelry, keychains, magnets, decorations, earring holders, LED lights, light shadow boxes, wine charms, holidays things and many more – too many to list!

Shopping site: https://dreamingdragonscorner.com/collections/dreaming-dragon-s-corner

– Woman-owned

– Latino/Latina-owned

  • Red resin earrings in ILY handshape.
  • Drawn multicolored artwork of butterlies, beads and flowers in shape of ILY hand.
  • Collection of multicolored resin ILY necklaces.

Rae K Abraham

We have handmade ASL shaped artwork, including sculptures, coloring books, mugs, earrings, painting, and mandala dot paintings.

Shopping site: https://etsy.com/shop/KFAArtDesign

– Woman-owned

  • Small notebook "Field Notes" in a leather tooled cover. Leather is blue with brownish embossing. A deer antler is visible in the background.
  • Leather Birkenstocks, with lots of tooling on the leather. "HK", flowers, and leaves.
  • collection of teardrop leather earrings. Sunflowers, cocoons. yellow, black, gold. They hang from silver hooks. "Lisa Florey Leatherworks" in the middle.
Lisa Florey Leatherworks

Lisa Florey

Lisa Florey Leatherworks sells handcrafted leather goods that include custom tooled Birkenstocks, earrings, Apple watch bands, jewelry boxes, wallets, journal covers, horse tack, bags and almost anything else you can dream up. Custom orders are also available (Christmas custom orders are closed for 2022).

All items are made with premium leather, and some items are hand tooled and hand painted. Each product is one of a kind!

Shopping site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/lfleatherworks

– Woman-owned

  • collection of hanging baubles, each bauble shows wire, with beads, and a round crystal ball at the end.
  • Cactus in a pot, the cactus is being held up by a bejeweled upright, that has a silver flower on top.
  • An assortment of forks and spoons, with beaded and bejeweled handles, in various colors.
Sheri’s Sparkling Things

Sheri Plummer

I sell a stand with sparkling beads designed to hold your weak plant up straight, and decorated serving spoons (which are great for bringing to potluck so you will know which spoon is yours to take home).

You can purchase these items by contacting Sheri directly via email: grandmacherry1979@gmail.com

– Woman-owned

  • Picture of book cover "Want Song", "Kittybill Kitchen Theatre"
  • Picture of book cover "Want Song", "Kittybill Kitchen Theatre"

Adrean Clark

If you are looking for a small digital gift to send to your cat-lover friends, “Want Song” is perfect! It’s a short read full of personality.

Shopping site: https://ko-fi.com/adrean/shop

– Woman-owned

  • Brown kraft bag filled with loose tea, label says "Wild Nomadic Spirit", plus list of ingredients. Next to the bag is a white, green and red ceramic mug. On the mug is a person with a pointy cap is holding a mushroom. A wooden bowl is in front with a pile of loose tea.
  • Salve tin on a pile of multicolored flowers. Tin label says "Wild nomadic spirit" "Calendula and coconut sugar scrub", with list of ingredients. "Handmade by Marlena Ramborger" Tin is 1 oz.
  • 4 oz bottle. label says "Wild Nomadic Spirit" "Elderberry Syrup", and a list of ingredients, including ginger, cinnamon sticks,ground cloves, water, and others (label is hard to read).
Wild Nomadic Spirit Apothecary

Marlena Ramborger

Wild Nomadic Spirit Apothecary provides sustainable-made plant medicines, including loose leaf teas, tinctures, skincare products, and more. We grows our plant medicine in our own garden. We practice earth-based medicine to help people with their spirit healings. Where Earth & People Meet; Earth Medicine, Custom Herbal Blends.

Shopping site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WildNomadicSpirit

– Woman-owned

  • Abstract art. Words "Go for De'Via", "Fight back Audism" and "I am not chicken". Artist signature "Mansfield 2016". Yellow hand being ridden by woman with blue and black face and red hair, holding a shield.
  • Picture of artwork. A brown mountain, a child's face peering over the mountain, the child is holding a shovel. There is a yellow beam coming out of the mountain. Clouds and stylized rainbows in the sky. Very abstract art.
  • closeup of ceramic tile, showing a woman's face, with moon and sun symbology. the face is yellow, there are blue flowers and green leaves in the background. There are some hands in different shapes as well.
Ellen’s Tilestroke Studio

Ellen Mansfield

Ellen Mansfield is a De’VIA artist. Her artwork highlights Deaf experiences and is a great everyday gift! There are many different mediums for artwork; we have found that people’s favorite gifts are framed ceramic artwork, tiles, and paintings. There are also magnets, posters, cards, and we also can do work by commission.

Please explore and enjoy viewing paintings and tiles on Ellen Mansfield’s website. Feel free to contact Ellen on her website for questions and inquiries. Pictures shown: “Witching Hour”, “I Am Not Chicken, Fight Back Audism” and “Ella Mae’s Treasure Box”.

Shopping site: https://www.ellenmansfield.com/

– Woman-owned

  • Red t-shirt with "Love" (fingers shaped in the ILY symbol). @deafloveILY runs up the side of the picture. "Love begins with YOU" written in lower corner of picture.
  • White long-sleeved shirt, with green sleeves (baseball style). "LOVE" on front of t-shirt, in shape of "ILY". Christmas lights adorn the handshape. Christmas lights lie on top of the shirt. @deafloveILY watermark on the picture.
  • Black t-shirt with interpreter symbol in white. @deafloveILY watermark on picture.

Jenny Carpenter

This design was created by me – a Deaf graphic designer, Jenny R Carpenter. It started as a doodle years ago that transpired into a sense of awakening to help remind others to spread LOVE – no matter who you are. Through this unique award-winning artistic design, it is my hope that we are reminded of how we are already loved and how the word “LOVE” should be a central belief that holds community together and its power to change lives. This unique design honors the Deaf community, of which I’m a part, but the message is simple. We all belong in LOVE.

Let us remember how Love begins with YOU.

At this time, this LOVE design is featured through items such as shirts, stickers, wall art, & jewelry through online store.

Your support is appreciated for my heart is to give back to those in need.

Shopping site: https://www.deafloveily.com/

– Woman-owned

  • Quilt of a Raven - black and white raven on a multi-hued purple background.
  • Blonde woman (Jill) holding a large multi-colored quilt. Quilt has many colors - triangle patterns stitched together.
  • large quilt - black, yellow, red, and white. The Maryland flag is across the top, and a crab is on the bottom.
  • Black pillow, quilted. Red, white, yellow, and black crab pattern.
J. Creative Studios

Jill Owens Brick

We make:

  • Quilts – patterned and customized
  • Bags of all sorts (backpacks, slings, baguette purses)
  • Coasters
  • Bowl Cozies

We can also do custom quilting and sewing commissions.

Shopping site: https://jcreativestudios.com

– Woman-owned

  • Gray sweatshirt - blue design. "Hu - to sign is human".
  • blue t-shirt - white design. "Hu - to sign is human".
  • black and white long-sleeved shirt, white design. "Hu - to sign is human".
Hu – To Sign is Human

Melissa Malzkuhn

Hu – To Sign is Human is a campaign for sign language access and awareness for Deaf children. Hu is screen printed on a variety of apparel: shirts, tea towels, sweatshirts, and more. For the holidays we are offering tie-dye kids shirts, tea towels, and a variety of styles of shirts!

Shopping site: https://mezmalz.com/shop

– Woman-owned

– LGBTQIA*-owned

  • Children's puzzle - A through Z. each letter is fingerspelled. "deafroot.com" is engraved in the corner.
  • Low angled shot of children's puzzle with fingerspelled letters. Red, orange, purple, blue, green letters are visible.
  • Childs wooden puzzle, with A through Z letters. Red, orange, yellow, green, teal, and navy blue on plain wooden background. Each letter is fingerspelled, and when removed from the board, the English letter is visible below.

Sheri Youens-Un

We specialize in wood art with an emphasis on authentic and accurate American Sign Language representation on products.  We believe in bringing ASL art to a new level.

Shopping site: https://www.deafroot.com

– Woman-owned

  • Round sign by Mastyl Signs - white, green, black, yellow, and orange. "Don & Cheryl" around the top, "Kaupa" across the middle, and "Stalwart, Michigan" around the bottom. In the background are pine trees.
  • Sign by Mastyl Signs. Black, red, and white. Shows Mickey Mouse ears, and red and white numbers "32430".
  • Picture of a black, white, and red sign by Mastyl Signs - it says "Moises Cortez" around the top, with "California State University, Northridge, 1958" around the middle, with a crest of the university. The crest shows a sun, mountains, a scroll, and archways of a building.
Mastyl Signs

Mark Naeyaert

We make custom made signage. Contact us via email to discuss your ideas!  mastylsigns@gmail.com

Shopping site: https://www.facebook.com/MastylSigns/

  • Earrings - dangly, teardrop shaped, red with gold and silver sparkles.
  • A wooden stick bookmark with a teal tassel. On the stick is engraved, "Books are just TV for smarter people."
  • A gift - wrapped in blue paper with white "ILY" symbol repeated in a pattern over the paper.

Jennifer Hart

Our shop has handmade items such as popsicle bookmarks, earrings, stamps, ornaments, and funny gift tags. I also have some direct to print designs that can be ordered through Redbubble, Zazzle, Spoonflower and Teepublic.

Shopping site: https://www.shoptennifer.com

– Woman-owned

  • Young woman holding a red christmas ornament wearing a t-shirt, t-shirt says "Pah bing that champ truebiz kissfist"
  • Card with "ily" symbols all over; in the center is a black circle with letters and fingerspelled word "thanks"
  • Collection of flash cards, with baby's legs and feet in the picture. Flashcards show signs for "tree" "wind", "ocean", and "fire" and the fingerspelling of each, with a picture of each
Elevenbee + Company

Christy Jeffery

We are a small shop serving signing families: flashcards, printables, apparel + more!

Got a baby in your life? Be sure to check out ASL Cards for Baby, which is a set of 6 high-contrast flashcards in ASL that depicts the Canadian landscape with the 5-handshape. Our flashcards are designed to boost your baby’s eye and brain development while they learn ASL!

Need a last-minute gift idea? Be sure to check out our digital downloads for ASL Alphabet Posters, ASL Idioms Posters, and many others which makes a great last-minute gift (Shhh! I won’t tell!).

Be sure to also check out our bright and colourful ASL Slangs t-shirts and prints which would make a great gift for that ASL teacher in your life!

Shopping site: https://www.elevenbee.ca/

– Woman-owned

  • Four panel picture. first picture shows a white presenting woman with long tight curly hair, words "No Monat". Second panel shows same woman outside behind lavender flowers, words "Yes Monat". Third panel shows smae woman smiling, "Yes Monat". last panel has text, "Did you know? Monat contains: no parabens, no sls/sles, no cyclic silicones, no bht, no DEA/MEA, no polyethlene glycol, no phthalates, no phenoxyethanol, no petrolatum, mineral oil, or paraffin wax, no triclosan, no plastic microbeads, no formaldehyde releasers"
  • Words "What is Monat? naturally based, anti aging hair care with no parabens or silicones, it's made to give you longer, stronger, and healthier hair all while being cruelty free & made in the US." Stems of cotton are next to the words.
  • Picture of silver container, "Rejuvenique". Below that is "101 uses", and below that is a small flower - black eyed susan.
Monat Global

Denise Sansonese

I sell Monat products, which are plant based, toxin free, clinically proven, vegan and cruelty free.

Monat products are made in America.

Shopping site: https://linktr.ee/denisesansonese

– Woman-owned

  • Picture of book cover - "The Lost Shared Signing community of Lantz Mills and Shenandoah County, Virginia" by Kathleen L. Brockway. Linedrawing of church steeple and house roof. "Shenandoah County VA 250th History Series" up the side, and across the top.
  • Picture of book cover - "The Lost Shared Signing community of Lantz Mills and Shenandoah County, Virginia" by Kathleen L. Brockway. Linedrawing of church steeple and house roof. "Shenandoah County VA 250th History Series" up the side, and across the top.
Heritage ASL LLC

Kathleen Brockway

We sell Virginia’s Deaf Village booklets that were recently published this year; we also accept monetary donations supporting the travel expenses to share or research more deaf history stories over the social media platforms.

Shopping site: https://heritage-asl.square.site/s/shop

– Woman-owned

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